Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses and jackpots to the players. In fact, as the majority of casinos are based on the same principles, sometimes this is the only aspect that differentiates them. This is why you must check this section before signing up with a certain casino. Sure, the number of games offered and the aspect of games are also important, but you won't be so happy about a good-looking game offering you scrap as winnings. Check the VIP section, as you could also get some more interesting earnings there.

Signup bonuses

Every casino must offer this kind of bonus. However, it a casino offers you 10 000 % signup fee for 20 dollars initial deposit, you can be sure that this is a fake site that is only looking for your banking details. The highest bonuses will never get to more than 500 % bonus, or 10 000 dollars as equivalent.

There is a major difference between the signup bonuses, and you will realize it if you sign up with more than one casino. A signup bonus of 500% will not be available for immediate withdrawal. The casino will request you to have a certain rollover before requesting your money. Don't complain to the customer support, as those aspects are written in terms and conditions.

A modest signup bonus of 10 % will surely be available immediately. This means that you will get 100 dollars for an initial deposit of 1000 dollars, therefore it is recommended to sign up with the maximum allowed fee.

In game bonuses

The in game bonuses are only available on certain games. The progressive jackpot of Marvel slots games will only be available on Spider Man slots game, or the Incredible Hulk. Poker bonuses are the most important, and you could only get those bonuses if you are in the middle of some important tournament.

No-deposit bonuses

This is a huge opportunity for those players that don't have a credit card, but they still want to play casino games for real money. However, that money is not available for withdrawal immediately, as you will have to create a certain rollover before requesting a withdrawal.

Continuous bonuses

Those bonuses are only given away by the casinos at a certain period. There are daily, monthly, weekly, or even hourly bonuses available. Those bonuses will ensure the fidelity of the players. In fact, some players are only hunting for those bonuses; therefore, the casinos will be sure that those players would bet as long as the bonus is active.

Some of the promotional campaigns that are only meant to last for one day or two are so successful, that the casino makes them permanent, transforming them into those continuous bonuses.