If you got enough of the same old roulette and poker, there is always another opportunity available for you. We are not only talking about the boring bingo or keno. We are talking about an interesting game that is based on luck but moreover on strategies. The game is called craps, and it is based on dices. Of course, there are also different strategies based on your playing level. For the beginning, you will only have to know the basic rules. Once you mastered them, you could go to applying some advanced strategies and hints.


Bankroll management is important for any game, but especially for craps. You must always be able to handle a huge loss, as sometimes this could happen on craps. Don't worry, as splitting your account into 50 or more parts that are equal will protect you from this issue. Let's consider you have 1000 dollars on your hands. Split the account into 50 different parts. This means you will only play with 20 dollars per hand, and this is surely insignificant in case you lose. Some players are splitting their accounts into more pieces, but those players are the gurus of dices and they could surely afford it.

Place intelligent bets

As a smart player, you will only need to place bets with the lowest house advantage. However, finding those bets makes the difference between good and bad players. A Pass Line Bet is the simplest method to reduce the house's advantage; therefore, every beginner player applies it. You can be sure that the casino surely has some kind of precaution method, therefore the house edge is surely upper than the 1.52 % required by the laws. Moreover, the strategy is thrilling and you will be amazed by the rapid growth of your bankroll with this method.

Bonuses on craps

As the game is not as popular as poker or roulette, the online casinos are trying to attract new players on craps using some huge bonuses and jackpots. Therefore, you could take advantage of this matter even before placing your first craps bet. Because the small advantage of the house over the player, some casinos might not give to you the possibility to withdraw the money won on craps. Therefore, you must play some other casino games before requesting a withdrawal. However, reading the reviews about every online game, you will have the opportunity to choose the best craps game available.


The online casinos will usually use resembling software for craps. Therefore, if you learn the algorithms for some craps game, you will surely know the algorithms for some other online casinos. Play as many casinos as possible, create an algorithm of your own, use the dices as a master and you will surely beat any computer.