Roulette Strategies

Maybe the roulette won't challenge your mind like poker or blackjack, but the thrill and excitement connected with this game are unmatchable. When the dealer calls "No more bets," you will have a few seconds to gather your thoughts before the ball stops on a certain number. Those seconds are responsible for many heart attacks, and there are many online casinos that are specially considering this aspect. Therefore, if you have heart problems or other conditions of this kind, it is not recommended to play roulette.

European Roulette

The European Roulette is the oldest table game known. Its origins are lost somewhere in the Medieval France, and the game was not changed ever since. However, the importance of fair gambling has risen; therefore, some strict regulations were imposed in order to avoid rigged tables and cheating dealers. Even with those strict regulations, there are still some casinos placing magnets on tables or using some other cheating methods. Therefore, if you want to be certain about the fairness of the game, you must play the European Roulette online.

European Roulette gives you a fair chance to win, as it has only one "0." This means that if you place a bet on a single number, you will have a chance of 1 to 37 to win that certain game. in the American Roulette, the second "0" will reduce those chances to 1/38. While for the beginners this is not such a huge difference, the best players of roulette know that this is the odd difference that could draw a huge hole in your budget.

American Roulette

The American Roulette has a second "0" that will increase the chances of the house. While this would mean smaller winning chances for the player, it seems like this system is more popular than the European one. Why? It is more thrilling and exciting, and the player could place bets on both "0"s. It is only a matter of playing style: while the preventive players would prefer the European system, the players that like taking chances for more winning options will surely prefer the American system. Of course, there are also other differences between roulette games, and those differences are connected with the bonus system.

Progressive roulette

The progressive roulette is only available on some established casinos. The progressive jackpot is continuously rising, based on the total bets and number of players of that particular game. Once every two or three months, the bonus is given away. While this frequency might not seem so appealing, we are talking about 500 000 or even 1 000 000 dollars, therefore the waiting is worth it. Some players are hunting this bonus all their lives, but once they get it, you can be sure they will quit their daily job for an expensive Caribbean cruise.