Where to Play Online Slots?

Basically, if you are eager to try your hand at playing online slots, you are supposed to have 2 alternatives. It means that you may whether gamble at flash casino or at download casino.

If you select the latter alternative, you should upload appropriate casino software, sign up and create your personal account. Besides, you ought to install software on your computer and only after that you will be able to gamble. On the other hand, you will be offered a greater variety of slot machines and you are sure to feel the taste of playing slots in full.

How to Play Online Slots

Actually, it goes without saying that there is a great number of various types of slots, which are offered by online casinos today. In fact, they are likely to differ in amount of bonuses and themes. On the other hand, all slots machines are considered to have 3 basic components: reels, paylines and payout table.

Besides, you should follow practically the same algorithm of actions while playing slots. First of all, you are supposed to input money or transfer it to your personal account.

Afterwards, you ought to choose the denomination of your wager. Then, you have to make a wager and start a game round by hitting appropriate button. Thereafter, you should wait till the reels stop. After that, your results are compared with the winning combinations. If it happens that you succeed, you are paid out accordingly to the payout table.


It must be taken into consideration that various buttons enable you to carry out all the actions described above. In fact, all slot machines are considered to have almost identical set of buttons.

  • Spin. Indeed, it is a substitute of a lever. With the help of this button, you start a game.
  • Bet max. Utilizing this button, you can make a maximum stake.
  • Bet one. It enables you to wager one credit only.
  • Coin. It is utilized to select suitable denomination of coin.
  • Auto-play. It is supposed to run a slot machine automatically. You may select the number of spins, during which it will work.
  • View Payout. This button gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with all payouts in the game.