The number of online casinos can't be established exactly. Sure, if we would like to find the total number of approved casinos, we might find it in a while. However, considering the number of semi-legal casinos and illegal casinos, the problem is much more delicate.

How to be certain

There are three major casino developers in the online environment: Cryptologic, Vegas Technology and Microgaming. Every casino hosting casino games under this emblem is surely a trustworthy one. However, several secondary game developers can be trusted. If you don't find those three names on a casino, it won't mean that you can't trust that casino, but you must take additional cautions. A good casino must have positive reviews, a great number of satisfied players and some established payment methods available. If a casino only has payment methods based on your bank account (no PayPal, Moneybookers or other virtual bank of this kind), than you must certainly ask yourself some questions.

Don't worry about legality of gambling in your area. The majority of online casinos will surely forbid you to create a real money accounts if you are not allowed to bet in your area. In fact, it is their responsibility to verify your status based on the IP. If you are not allowed to gamble in your area and they will allow you to open an account, you won't be responsible for any further consequences.

Age restrictions

Theoretically, the age restrictions are based on your living area. Again, you won't be responsible for consequences if the casino allows you to bet. As long as the casino lets you to open an account while you are saying to them that you are only 12 years old, you won't be responsible for the future consequences.

Opening an account

Opening a real money account is an easy task on every online casino. Of course, you must provide the casino with real details. Don't try to cheat them. The casino might let you open a real money account, but they will surely ask you for some verifications when you will request a withdrawal. You won't need to look at your 800 000 dollars progressive jackpot without the possibility to withdraw it, wouldn't you? Therefore, if you are under-aged, it is better to wait for the legal age.

After all, you can play free as long as you like, and you could go for real money once you have the legal age. It is a known fact that the best casino online players are those who have studied free for a long time. The free gambling experience can't be replaced, as you will have a huge advantage over your opponents once you start a real money career.