History of Flash Blackjack

It goes without saying that flash blackjack is sure to be one of the traditional casino games. Moreover, it can boast of intriguing and rich history.

Indeed, blackjack was founded in France approximately in 1700. It was a game of aristocracy. Later, it was brought to America, where casino worked out some changes to the rules in order to attract more players. If a gambler got a hand of a Jack of clubs or spades and an Ace, the payout was 10 to 1. Consequently, "blackjack" became the name of the game.

Rules of Blackjack

It should be noted that, unlike roulette, flash blackjack appears to be a game of skills rather than luck. But, in order to become indeed skillful gambler, one should know the rules of the game perfectly.

First of all, the gamblers have to make their wagers before starting to play a game. Afterwards, the cards are shuffled by the dealer in a proper way. It must be mentioned that every gambler is dealt 2 cards.

Moreover, one of the dealer's card is opened, so that everybody can see it. It is called, the upcard. In fact, the upcard appears to be of substantial importance for the game as a great number of strategies are based upon it.

As far as the purpose of the game is concerned, it is rather simple, but often it happens that online casino players misunderstand it a little bit. Virtually, to win in a game a gambler should beat the dealer's hand without busting. It means that he should not obtain more than 21 points; otherwise he will lose irrespectively of the dealer's number of points.

If a gambler happens to get a blackjack (21 points), he is sure to win automatically. In this case the payout turns out to be 3 to 2, while ordinary payout for the winning is 1 to 1.

If it happens that both the dealer and the player have equal number of points, nobody is likely to win. This gambling situation is known to be a tie. Actually, in this case an initial wager is returned to the gambler.