Gambling Law

The concept of illegal gambling is different from one country to another. While in certain European states you will only risk your internet access, in Canada or some states of the US, you will be fined or you might even be passable for jail. Therefore, understanding the concept of illegal gambling is important for any online gambler.

Is It Illegal?

Sometimes, between gambling for fun and illegality is a thin line. In a hot Friday night with your friends, a game that is also "lightened" by some alcohol might go beyond the "fun gambling line." Of course, this won't mean that the police will enter the house to arrest you, but you should know when to stop. Here are the definitions of illegal gambling in some US states:

  1. Illegal gambling is considered an initiative where people are betting on chance for real money. If you are playing poker with your friends and you have some chips that you value, it won't mean that you are illegally gambling. An illegal gambling initiative involves at least 5 people and at least 30 days of gambling.
  2. Illegal gambling implies an initiative that lasts for more than 30 days, and revenue of at least 2000 dollars a day. In certain US states, those conditions aren't enough to define an illegal gambling activity. The authorities would need to find physical proves of gambling, and that means certain devices considered illegal.
  3. Illegal gambling devices are devices that are used by people to bet with real money for a chance to win more money. The machine must have software, or at least a mechanical device to generate winning numbers or symbols. Lottery tickets, casino chips, and policy slips are not considered illegal, although they are connected with gambling.

As a conclusion, what is considered legal in one state can be illegal in other states? Therefore, you must be certain about the laws of a certain state before betting or gambling in certain casinos.

When it comes to minors, the laws are somewhat different. There is no clemency or justification if a minor is caught gambling. Therefore, you must be certain about taking a minor into a casino, even if we are talking about your child.

In the online environment, although the rules are strict, the verifications are harder to be conducted. You can't establish if you or your kid used a certain casino on a certain night. However, gambling addiction is a problem, and a kid being 13 years old and placing bets might create an addiction. Explain to your child that this is only a game, control his desires to go for real money, and make sure he controls his will to bet more and more every day.