Blackjack Strategy

If you are looking for a guide for a certain casino game, you can be sure that you will find hundreds of results. Some of them are only designed to convince you about the great opportunity offered by a certain casino, while others would only request money to offer you some other "proved and checked" strategies. On bingo and roulette, only chance could help you. There is no proven strategy that could guarantee winnings on those games. However, for poker and blackjack, some strategies could help you to get the desired revenue.

Online Blackjack

Some great real casino blackjack players are renouncing their online career one or two hours after beginning it. Why? Because online blackjack is totally different from the real casinos blackjack. In the online environment, the casino must claim its earnings, offering you some winnings afterwards. Therefore, you must apply some money management strategies if you want to win on online blackjack. Be wise, let the house to claim its revenue from other players and enter the game only when you see some real winning possibilities.

The best moment

Placing the perfect bet is a goal that can be achieved even by a newbie. You will have to follow the next algorithm and you will surely enter the game in the right moment.

The house is obliged by the law to give a 95 percent chance to win to the players. The casino's algorithms would sometimes claim those earnings from the beginning. Therefore, you must wait for the game to begin. If the house won't allow any player to win from the first hands, it means that the house already made its earnings; therefore, it has some money to dispose. Enter the game with the maximum bet, play wisely applying some additional strategies, and you will almost certainly become a winner.

Applying proven strategies

Of course, this simple strategy won't be enough, as the casino could give the projected prize to some other player. If you want to prevent this, you must beat the dealer. Learn the difference between cold and hot hands, play your cards wisely and you will surely achieve that.

A cold hand is composed of two cards having a sum under 15 and no Ace. If you have that kind of hand, you must consider the card of the dealer. The dealer is obliged to place a card faced up, therefore you can create a strategy based upon it. If the dealer has an Ace or a Royal Card, it is better to fold or to take insurance (the insurance can only be taken if the dealer has an Ace or a Royal card- 10 to K). Both of those strategies are good, but you might regret your choice if the dealer gets a 3 or a 6 after this round.