Flash Roulette Casino

Virtually, it goes without saying that roulette appears to be one of highly recognized casino games all over the world. Sure thing, like any other gambling game, roulette can be played online. In fact, flash roulette online can be found in the lists of games almost in every reputable online casino.

Rules of Roulette

It should be noted that like slots, roulette turns out to be a game of luck. Besides, the purpose of this gambling game is to predict where the ball will fall.

Furthermore, before starting the game every gambler should make a stake. In order to make it, he should put specific chips on this or that spot of the layout, which corresponds to certain pocket on the wheel. Afterwards, the dealer is supposed to spin the wheel and everybody has to wait till it stops in order to check out if his wager is winning or not.

Roulette Wheel

As far as roulette wheel is concerned, it turns out to consist of 36 pockets. In fact, they are considered to be of different color (black or red) and various numbers (from 1 to 36).

Moreover, there is one more pocket, which appears to be of considerable importance for the game. It is a green spot with number 0 on it. Actually, if the ball lands in a zero pocket, all the stakes are removed by casino. Consequently, this spot on the wheel is sure to have immense impact on the house edge in Roulette.

It must be mentioned that there exist different modifications of this game at http://roulette77.us/live-roulette. In fact, the most common variants are European Roulette and American roulette. As far as the American Roulette is concerned, it appears to have one main difference from the European Roulette. There is one more pocket with number 00. Indeed, it results in the house edge of 5.26%, while in European roulette it is supposed to be 2.7%.