In the latest months, people got bored of the same blackjack and roulette. Therefore, the popularity of some unusual table games such as craps and baccarat has risen. However, there are not many guides that could teach you the basics of this game. Here is a simple guide that could help the beginners to have a successful baccarat initiative

Where to play

Online baccarat is available on almost every established casino. However, as the majority of casinos neglected this game, it seems that there are only a few sites that could give you a real baccarat playing experience. An online baccarat game must give you the chance to play as a dealer, or at least to place a bet on the dealer hand. In simple word, you must have the possibility to guess the future hand of the dealer.

The advantages

Playing as a dealer will surely give you an advantage over the house. Even the odds are in your advantage. Considering technical issues, there is not such a great difference: you will only be able to give cards to other players. Of course, you can't control the cards you are giving away. However, you will be the first person that places a bet; therefore, you could make some serious calculations that will increase your winning chances.

Rules for beginners

Before placing some serious bets on baccarat, you must know the meanings of the cards and the advantage of the house. As the house doesn't have an advantage (you and the other players are the dealers from time to time), the bank must take its earnings form commissions. Therefore, even if you have a tie with the banker, you will still loose the 5 % commission.

Baccarat is maybe the only table game that continues after the winner is announced. If you feel you still have a chance, you might request another card even if the dealer has already won the game. Of course, you will only be able to request another card if you don't have a "Natural 8" or a "Natural 9" in your hands.

The perfect hand

A Natural 8 or 9 is the perfect hand in baccarat. A Natural 9 will automatically make you a winner, while a natural 8 requires confrontation with the rest of the players. If you have a tie, the game must consider the initial bets. If you placed a bet on "tie" and your opponent has a bet on "dealer" or "player," you will be a winner. Some players are neglecting the importance of the initial bets, as the tie is not so often in baccarat. However, a good baccarat player must consider all the aspects of the game, including this "insignificant" aspect.